Mobility and technology have changed the way people perceive and deal with problems confronting the world. In order to be efficacious members of the ever changing world, people from all walk of life inevitably have to mutually exchange knowledge and skills. The propensity of the contemporary world that embraces the current global culture by highlighting XYZ generations to contextualize the trajectory of the issue area concerned, has challenged the educational landscape in such areas to also change. Therefore, in the attempt to meet the demands of the world with trajectory areas, innovations in methods and approaches involving media technology exploitation and creative media development should be highlighted.The English Department of the Faculty of Language and Arts in Soegijapranata Catholic University of Semarang, Indonesia; thus, wishes to bring together teachers, land practitioners to discuss the issue from various perspectives. As an education institution, we realize that as a solution to the problem presented above, a great responsibility is needed to meet with whatever is required from the professional world with the education qualification of our graduates. Therefore, secondary and tertiary teachers, practitioners and policy makers, especially those who are employed in the languageand arts department are invited to share and exchange ideas, research results, best practices, and real world experiences in order to meet the demands of the phenomena through an international conference forum. The conference is believed to be a significant venue of establishing a meeting point for professionals not only in the language and arts area, but also in the integration of the area with psychology, sociology, law, anthropology, economy, history, media communication, and cultural studies.